Adolescent Action Pact

Adolescent Action Pact is a non governmental organization (NGO).

Who We Are

Adolescent Action Pact (AAP) is a local, not-for-profit non-governmental organization committed to improving the health and social wellbeing of adolescent, women and children as well as excluded and vulnerable communities. We have strong bias for women, children and young people. AAP is a local initiative which seeks to make sustainable contributions in effectively addressing common development challenges confronting members of our community. It challenges the injustices and inequities especially as it confronts women, children and youths which fuel exclusion and vulnerability, aggravating the reproductive health problems and deepens the spread of HIV & AIDS as well as opportunistic infections.


Adolescent Action Pact
October, 2018
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Established in April 2000 and run essentially by volunteers, AAP has significantly contributed to local response to HIV/AIDS and reproductive health challenges in the last 12 years, and acts as a catalyst for positive change in Karu LGA and its environs through its programmed activities.

The organization is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2002. AAP has the privilege of collaboration with government at local, state and federal levels, and with various Civil Society Organizations, networks and International Partners.

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